Trip Hazard Sessions Vol. 1

I’m very excited to be releasing my first EP of original music on this Friday (28th August) – ‘Trip Hazard Sessions Vol. 1’. This music has been composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me at home during lockdown and features Dan Rogers ( on bass guitar and David Lourie ( on drums.

The project has been an attempt to bring together some of the many musical styles that have influenced me over the years, from rock to blues, jazz and folk music. The emphasis has been on creating pieces that are enjoyable for guitarists and non-guitarists alike with big chords, strong melodies and some top notch bass guitar and drum solos….

If you like what you hear then please do considering purchasing the digital EP on – your support will help us to get working on ‘Trip Hazard Sessions Vol. 2’.

I’ll be sharing a bit more in depth information about each track over the coming days so make sure you subscribe to the blog below!


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