Andy Watt – Guitarist


Andy Watt is a professional guitarist and teacher based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Check out the YouTube and Bandcamp links for videos to watch and music to listen to, and read the blog for some background info on current projects!

Latest News….

Miles Davis – All Blues

Here’s an arrangement of the Miles Davis classic ‘All Blues’ on my Sire H7 (which currently has flatwound strings on it). If you fancy playing along yourself then the backing track is below – take the modal approach to improvising by using G mixolydian over chord I, G dorian over chord IV and G aeolian…

Steely Dan – Josie (guitar cover)

I’m a massive fan of Steely Dan and have been wanting to do a full cover of one of their songs for a while, so here it is – my instrumental guitar take on their song ‘Josie’ from the Aja album. I’m also sharing the transcription I made of the rhythm guitar part and solo…

1000 subscribers blues jam!

It looks like I’ve hit the first big YouTube milestone of 1000 subs! Here’s a thank you to all who have supported the channel so far, and a blues jam with my Charvel Pro Mod SoCal Style 2 and my Sire H7. If you fancy a jam yourself then stream the backing track for free…

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