Andy Watt – Guitarist

Trip Hazard Sessions Vol. 1 now available on bandcamp

An EP of original music composed and recorded during lockdown, featuring Andy Watt on guitars, Dan Rogers on bass guitar and David Lourie on drums.

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Steely Dan – Josie (guitar cover)

I’m a massive fan of Steely Dan and have been wanting to do a full cover of one of their songs for a while, so here it is – my instrumental guitar take on their song ‘Josie’ from the Aja album. I’m also sharing the transcription I made of the rhythm guitar part and solo […]

1000 subscribers blues jam!

It looks like I’ve hit the first big YouTube milestone of 1000 subs! Here’s a thank you to all who have supported the channel so far, and a blues jam with my Charvel Pro Mod SoCal Style 2 and my Sire H7. If you fancy a jam yourself then stream the backing track for free […]

Jimi Hendrix ‘Red house’ cover

For a bit of fun I thought I would do a cover of Jimi’s ‘Red House’ using my Charvel (tuned down a semitone). I’ve tried to capture the vibe using only plug-ins that come with Logic Pro X (watch the video for details….) – not what Jimi was using of course, but a fun experiment! […]

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