Wednesday Jam – 28th April

I quite often get asked whether my modern ‘Tele’ guitar (a Charvel Pro Mod SoCal Style 2) can still provide the classic ‘Tele twang’, so this week I decided to put it to the test over a nice’n’cheesy country-style backing track! For this video it’s in single coil mode and my Tremol-no is engaged which essentially turns it into a hardtail guitar (thus allowing me to do double stop bends without the fretted notes going out of tune). Recorded direct, with FX/amp/cab tones from the Neural DSP Archetype: Cory Wong plug-in.

Below is the backing track if you fancy getting twangy yourself…. It’s in G major with a turn-around of E7 A7 D7. No need to worry about good taste! Enjoy!

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